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REGISTER FOR PRIDE! Join us in marching at Hollywood Pride Parade THIS June! Come out and show solidarity with our LGBTQ+ Family at LA pride 2023 in the heart of Hollywood! As Teamsters we continue our fight for equality, dignity …


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What’s On Your Mind?

We need YOU to keep our membership informed with LGBTQ+ Teamster issues and ongoing efforts nationally and in your region. Be a contributor to our BLOG POSTS page! Send us your blog post, 200-300 words on current events and causes. …

National Issues

Medical Equity

Dignity + Respect

Union Inclusion

Member Resources

Contract Negotiation SupportContract Negotiation Support

Our Contract Language Project is working with Teamsters HRDC to identify LGBTQ+ contract language that has been successfully added to other union contracts. Our goal is to have LGBTQ+ contract language be included in the Teamsters contract negotiation database. PRIDE AT WORK is engaged in this effort.

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Engaging With Our MembersEngaging With Our Members

Help us help you, please visit our fb page, and check out our other social media posts; comment, like, forward posts you want to see shared. Weigh in here and let us know what’s important to you.

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Our Locals and CouncilsOur Locals and Councils

Our goal is to link to every Teamster Local and Joint Council that has a website and to list those that provide their membership a link to our site, this will help any member, whether they are LGBTQ+, have family or are an Ally in our efforts to promote SOLIDARITY, EQUALITY and RESPECT at work and at large.

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We are working with the Teamsters HRDC [Human Rights and Diversity Commission] to establish a National Teamster PRIDE Month in June, Kicking off with A Teamster PRIDE Day of Action, starting with participation in LA PRIDE, the oldest permitted PRIDE parade in the USA! We want to help members represent Teamsters and Participate in their own regional PRIDE marches.

“You’re not alone… You’re not cast aside. You’re part of a Team!”

These words of inspiration by Teamster General President Sean O’Brien have set the tone for real progress, the rising tide of Union organizing will lift all boats, including and especially the Teamsters LGBTQ+ Caucus.

We can step up to challenges facing LGBTQ+ Teamsters, at work and fight back against trending extremist, Anti LGBTQ+ state-sponsored divisive agendas of hate, adding to challenges we face on the job.

I have a plan to grow the Teamsters LGBTQ+ Caucus, I need your help.

We can empower LGBTQ+ Teamsters, and move forward our agenda for dignity, respect, healthcare equity and inclusion in Union decisions that impact our community.

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The TEAMSTERS LGBTQ+ CAUCUS stands in SOLIDARITY with our Sisters & Brothers in the fight for Equity, Justice and the UNION way

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